Friday, July 30, 2010

Messes and successes

I am a huge Rachael Ray fan. In her magazine she has a column entitled "Messes and successes" in which readers write in telling of cooking experiences gone awry. Even the successes involve mistakes that just happened to turn out well. Well sewing Jasz' pants was a messes and successes moment for me.

It took me a day to accept that this was something I needed to do. So I pulled out my needle and thread. I thought I was being smart and turned his pants inside out so I could sew the seams together . What seemed like a great idea at the time created a mess when I tried to put the pants back right side out. It became obvious that poor Jasz would be wearing his jammie pants inside out...well there are certainly worse things in life. So last night was the first time I put them on him. Another what I thought was a mess. I didn't sew them down far enough. So, he could still frog leg his legs slightly. It ended up being a success though. When Trina came today and I told her about it, her face brightened. She says, "that actually may have been the smartest idea yet. You know we were worried about him getting too uncomfortable. what a great way to get around that, by easing him into it." She went on saying, "If I were you I would just stitch a little further each day until he's used to it." See what a smart mom I am?

We had more success this week than mess all in all. Yesterday Jasz brought me Alina's shoe and stuck his foot up as though saying, "Ok mom put it on." So I went to his room and pulled out a slightly too big pair of sandals. They fit him perfectly width wise but are too long. I put one on and then he stuck his other foot up saying "shoe". So I put the other one on. He grinned big and then proceeded to open the screen door and scoot out. So, he knows the rules, you need to have shoes on to go outside. He's forgetting my second rule however, you need to be on your feet not on your rump.

This morning I said, "Ok guys it's time for swim go put your shoes on." Jasz scooted over to the shoe box pulled out his sandals and brought them to me. So I put them on. He happily scooted to the door. Something I did notice, which I asked Trina about is while in the stroller with the shoes on he kept his legs straight. Almost as though the weight of them held his legs straight. He decided to show Trina his shoes while she was here and she said she did see what I was talking about and recommended I ask Sherri about it on Tuesday.

I have worked with Jasz this week on a knee stance with straight legs. Today that work paid off. Trina noticed that he was WAY more content in that position today than earlier in the week. Plus, he on his own crawled small amounts several times while she was here. He actually chose it over scooting. Now he can't do it for very long as his arms get tired, but what a great way to build those arms...YEAH JASZ!!!!

The girls got involved in his pt today too. They took the place of a ball which I need to go out and buy him. He loved using them as a tool and they loved being a part of it. I think the more everyone can be involved the better. I do not want the girls resenting Jasz for all the attention he gets. They know it's to help him, but they don't quite understand why he needs all this help. It's really clear with poor Alina. Whenever Trina or Sherri comes she tries to get right in their face like "I'm cute too, pay attention to me too." Any ideas on mediating that without her feeling rejected would be awesome.

Anyways all in all this has been one giant success for our family this week. We are off to the lake for a day tomorrow, and Monday it's back to busy schedule.

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  1. Including the girls in his therapy is perfect. Let Alina help when ever she can. Ask what she thinks. Sounds like you are doing a great job, which at times is overwhelming, but keep up the good work. You are having some real successes!. Also you need to take time for yourself, Becky - just comforting yourself.

    Well clap your hands. I finally figured this out and you are right. There are lots of detail here. don't hesitate to as me for help. love mom