Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Special Fried Chicken

So ever since I watched The Help on Sunday I have been craving fried chicken. I had a barrier though in my not eating grains right now. So I created a version that to me was good, not sure if it was a hit with the family though. Perhaps a different nut...I used praline's but almond would be better. Perhaps I've been watching too many cooking shows but I think the ginger was a nice contrast to the Coconut that gives a little bite in the end.


Boneless Skinless chicken thighs
1 egg
1/4 C Milk
1/2 C nuts of choice
1/2 C Shredded unsweetened coconut
2-3 TBSP olive Oil or Butter
1 tsp garlic
1 tsp ginger
Salt and pepper to taste


In a food processor or chopper grind up the nuts and the coconut. Heat up oil or butter in a skillet. Meanwhile place egg and milk in a bowl beating until well mixed. Add in seasoning. In a separate bowl place the coconut nut mixture. Pound out your chicken thighs and dip each one in the egg mixture followed by the nut mixture and place in the warmed skillet. Allow to cook over med heat for about 20 minutes checking every few minutes to prevent burning and making sure it gets cooked completely through.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Starting with a bang

Greetings from the realm of PTSA and school starting. After a summer of listening to bickering I didn't think I would be so mixed in my emotions on the first day of school. I was however,torn. My oldest moved into a new classroom which means entering 3'rd grade. How did I get to be the mom of a third grader...where did the time go?

My Alina is now a first grader and my house is so very quiet. Jasz followed me around the first week constantly calling my name. It reminded me of that clip of Stewie from "Family Guy"... That was pretty much my life for three days.

My girls love their school and their teachers and I am excited about this year as PTSA president. I think we have done a lot of planning and it will be a good if busy year.

As far as Jasz goes, we were supposed to have his latest IFSP on the 24'Th but the coordinator failed to show up. I found out later she was "sick and had no way to reach us" and I will keep my personal comments to myself. I did get the opportunity to go over the report with his team though. It has been interesting adding the Physical therapist...I couldn't understand half the words she wrote and I was a pre-vet major. But the Gist is that she couldn't get any reflexes on him either. He doesn't balance well, he can't jump or run and has a 33% delay still. He is also delayed in self care and a little in fine motor.

What was interesting is this particular group only works with children under three so the test they use does not test above three. Well on language (spoken and understood) and cognitive ability, he tested out of their test. Meaning he is above the level of a three year old. the test itself cracked me up because he didn't answer the questions as expected. So they showed him some pictures and asked what was happening in them. The crying baby he said, "She's going to bed." well that week he had fought bedtime every day with I guess that is why you cry. The picture of the girl clapping he said, "she's praying" sweet is that?
The picture of two kids jumping with their arms in the air, "their reaching up to the sky." So cute!! My favorite though was the cute little girl all dolled up and posing for a picture...he asked if he could keep that one...I guess she was cute to him too.

Well one week of school down and many more to come. Stay tuned for some yummy recipes I want to share for some healthy eats.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Opening the Can of Worms

It has been a while since I last wrote, part of that was due to vacations and Relay For Life etc...But part of it is due to me not wanting to proceed. You see in June a physical therapist was added to Jasz' list of people. Her name is Kate. Kate is wonderful and she sees Jasz through a clinical lens instead of an emotional one. Plus her eyes are fresh, so instead of simply seeing the improvement she sees where he has problems.

If you may recall, last time we saw Dr. Carter she said he likely has Peripheral nueropathy. That "diagnosis" gave all of his therapists pause. First, they are not sure it's correct and second if he truly does have it then we really need to know to what extent and the cause so we know if there are possible future consequences.

So pretty quickly Kate recommended we take him to Stanford. From her perspective a new set of eyes needs to look at him. Her thought was, "if you are going to change then go big." You see at Stanford's children hospital, that is all they do is run tests on children...therefore they read those tests more clearly.

Frankly this was like a punch in my gut. Weren't we here in this same spot last summer? Except this time Jasz is walking and I thought we were on the downhill slope of this whole thing. I mean why would I reopen that wound when he is doing so well.

It really did send me into a tail spin, because it brought up that maybe he isn't in the clear yet. In talking it over with a few friends and family it was explained to me like this. Say you write a paper and you believe with all your heart it clearly talks about "Y". on a last edit you have someone else read the paper and to them it clearly talks about "Z". It's a little like that with Dr. Carter. She has been wonderful for Jasz and I feel like a miracle worker considering we had been told he may never walk. She also, though has seemed to a little bit be grasping at straws to find a reason for what is going on with Jasz. So to some extent she has made her data fit her diagnosis instead of it speaking for itself. So a fresh pair of eyes is probably a good idea.

I watch my son walking and wonder why I am doing this, I see his smile and hear his laugh and wonder what possibly painful tests they will run. I capitulate on my decision. Last week, however, I steeled myself for the conversation I didn't want to have. I called Dr. Carter's office and asked for the referral...and they sent it. I will likely be waiting until October but we are on the path to going to Stanford.

You see, Jasz is walking but he still has almost no Patellar reflexes. He also goes in and out of constipation. He walks like a ballerina and also rolls his foot in so he is walking in quite an awkward stance. Kate has recommended braces as the high tops ended up being too heavy and he tires too quickly. He can't life his right leg up when climbing a ladder at times, and if his right leg leads on a steep slope or a ladder he almost can't do it.

He is also an anomaly in that sometimes something works perfectly one day and won't work at all the next. He can't jump and he doesn't run. Trina and I thought he did, but having Kate's clinical perspective was good, because she pointed out that a run involves two feet off the ground at times and he doesn't get into that stride....he is simply a super fast walker. He cannot balance on one foot and kicking a ball is more like scraping his foot along the ground until it connects with the ball. He does this well, but it is not technically what is considered kicking.

I give this list not to say, "see there is something wrong" but as a reminder to myself that not everything is right with him and I am doing what is best for my son. I am not being chicken little, I want to have answers that are definitive and correct so he will know and understand his own mobility as he grows his mother I owe that to him. He is smart and finds ways around tasks that I never thought of.

I find myself getting emotional as I write this. I think it's because I am opening that can of worms. We had what I thought was a handle on his diagnosis. I have had two Dr.'s (not in the field of neurology of course) tell me he looks great and doesn't need any more testing. Kate's response to that was, "they obviously don't know anything about the field of neurology." This did make me feel better, but it still a little feels like, "why am I doing this again?"