Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things are looking good

For the last three weeks both Jasz and Alina have been doing quite well, which is awesome. No poopy problems!! What was the change? Well I slowly reduced their gluten intake. They had very little over the last couple of weeks and then this week they have been gluten free. It really seems to be helping.

i know you can see things when you want to and maybe I want something to work so badly that i see it working. But even Jasz' skin seems improved. It used to be that as soon as I took his diaper off his hands were scratching his little behind and legs as fast as he could...he knew I would reclothe him quickly and I'm sure the temporary relief of itchy skin must have felt good. But for about a week now, he doesn't do that. his scratch marks have all healed. His skin is still dry and bumpy, but since it's not itchy, it is actually looking better. And I have not had to be quite so regular with the yogurt...if I miss it's not a big deal we still have normal production if you will.

Today I took Alina and Jasz to the GI Dr. in Santa Barbara. He was quite pleased with the results. he ordered up a full food allergy work up. He said that though they may not have an allergy their body could still react to it. he said if they don't have a full blown allergy we may not have to be completely gluten free...just a minimal amount which is not as life altering or expensive. He seemed to think though since Jasz' skin was improving that it was likely there could be a slight allergy there.

Alina is not at all happy about blood work...but hey her two siblings have had it done why should she be left out? Now they can all talk about the torture together. We see him again in two months but will know blood results sooner.

Am I seeing things I want to?...possibly...would it be nice to figure out what is harming my kids...absolutely!!

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