Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our many blessings!!

Wow it has been a while since I’ve written. I am not sure why it has taken so long, but right now I feel the need to share the blessing we have experienced over the last couple of weeks. First of all, we celebrated our ten year anniversary last weekend. Many of you probably realize that the date is wrong as we were married on July 8. But it was better for most to avoid the whole July thing so we celebrated a little late. To start the weekend my friend Michelle came on Thursday. This was such a joy as I have not seen her in 2+ years and she had not met Jasz yet. I knew the one thing she would want to do is go to the beach. So, while the girls were in school, we packed up Jasz and went to Pismo Beach where we were met by Erica and Amy and Willow and eventually Cami. For those who don’t know Willow is about 4 months older than Jasz. Honestly, I thought I was mostly going for Michelle (what a spoiled California girl I am), but in the end it was for me. Firstly, the ocean is my sanctuary. It has always been my place to reflect and think and pray. Surrounded by friends on a comfortable day listening to the sounds of children and waves was great for my soul. Makes me realize I should do it more. But it also made this momma so happy to watch Jasz and Willow play together. Now yes they both took delight at dumping sand on our blankets/towels. But they were enjoying each other. After a short while, Amy decided to take Willow to the water. I waited a while figuring it was an activity my not yet walking son wouldn’t get to really enjoy, after all, there was a slight haze in the sky and the water was freezing!! Boy was I wrong!! Jasz kept trying to sit in the water and this silly mother was trying to only let him get his legs wet so scooting into the waves was not going to work for me. I sort of forced the issue until he got it. A light bulb went on and he suddenly planted his feet in the sand. Then he enjoyed thoroughly the feel of the sand on his feet, his toes squishing the sand. Then he wanted to run in and out of the water. Well this means mom must hold his hands so he can and there we were “running” in and out of the water. One wave seemed small and was way huge compared to Jasz and just completely soaked him. He didn’t cry, he squealed with delight and asked for more. He never got cold, he just loved this new experience, and it seems the ocean is therapeutic for him too. It was a good thing I had brought a change of clothes for him. Although he had sand in more places than I care to write about here…it was a pleasure to share that moment with my son.

As for our Saturday night event…Our goal for our gathering was to have as much of our wedding party in attendance as possible. We did fall short of that goal, but with good reasons so it didn’t bother us a bit. What amazed us though was who did come. We had friends come from Oregon and Colorado. A few had to drive a decent distance. And those who live closer but have super busy lives, yet took the time out to spend with us. It was a lovely evening, filled with good food and great company. A time for memory sharing as well as catching up on our current lives. And those who are no longer with us were remembered. This night that we planned to host ten years ago was such a blessing. It empowered me and reminded me that we have surrounded ourselves with some marvelous people who will go the distance. A huge thank-you goes out not just to those that attended our gathering but to all who touch our lives and in many ways help us on our journey. Of course the biggest Thank-you must go to God. Without the graces He has bestowed upon us, life would be quite difficult indeed!! Thank-you to all who have called upon God’s ear on our behalf I truly believe these prayers are being heard and I watch the miracle in our son everyday!!

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  1. Happy (belated) 10th. It was an honor to sing at your wedding, Becky. :) I'm so glad...what a great time among the many trials you are enduring. A blessing, indeed! xoxo