Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Turns out sleep is important!!!

This last weekend my body finally said enough is enough. I woke up Saturday, but never fully woke up. I can't explain my symptoms exactly...I just didn't feel good. So I bummed around much of the day. I did take some time in the middle of the day to take Izabella to her first tennis lesson. But after that I was useless. We had lots of stuff to take care of last weekend so this was really frustrating. But there wasn't much I could do about it. I actually fell asleep on the couch in the middle of utter chaos. I eventually woke up due to Jasz' efforts. He brought me item after item in an attempt to rouse mommy and elicit a response. Finally, when my lap was full I was forced to acknowledge his attempts. I have to admit this response of my body was a little scary. I mean I've been sick before where I just couldn't function, but I had no clear signs of illness, yet I couldn't function. The rest on the couch improved my disposition slightly but what really helped was going to bed early and getting a full nights rest. Sunday I was a whole new person. I had energy back. I guess in the end my body just said, "enough is enough!!" I have been suffering with insomnia since the start of Jasz' diagnosis (or rather lack there of). I guess 3 hours of sleep a night isn't enough. And after 7 weeks of that my body just plain quit. Interestingly, I sort of expected a resuming of insomnia. And it has a little but not horribly. Sunday night I was only up a couple of hours later than bedtime. and Last night I slept like a baby.

Hopefully the trend of night sleeping continues...I do not want another day like Saturday.

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  1. I understand. I get like that the day after I return from California- your place and ? so much to do. And great to see all- that I just go go go!. then I have no energy the next day when we return. Sleep, time out, nap, etc all important issueds we need to pay attention to. love mom