Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My new Obsession

Okay, so I finally discovered "The Biggest Loser." I am intrigued by it...the journey the contestants make is so much more than weight loss. They find the core of the reason they got so heavy. It seems watching the show that once they unload the weight of their emotional burdens they are free to shed the pounds. It is wonderful to watch the is a reality show about building people up not tearing them down. Some may disagree as the trainers (Bob and Jillian) can be REALLY harsh and of course you get the players that are "game Players."

Now their weekly weight loss is unrealistic for most of us as we all have lives outside of exercising and there are constant temptations around us...not to mention that all those super healthy foods cost dough and many of us are short in that department too. But I have learned from watching the show and from my own life, that it doesn't matter the speed at which you attain that goal, but rather that you don't quit.

There will be temptations to pull you away from your goals, we all need to learn to work past those and learn to say, "no"!! So here is my question, how do you want to be a Biggest Loser? What is your goal and what is stopping you? It may not be a fitness goal or it may be. My goal is to start a book. I also want to shed my last pounds to reach my goal weight and I want to get in better shape to be able to complete "Relay For Life" in July. I also plan on looking into what it takes to become a parent advocate. I have thought about and today Sherri asked me if I would consider it as she thinks I have a calling and could really help others. I feel like God wants to use me in this way at some point in my life.

So what's my challenge? I need a Jillian and Bob. And I think I can be others' Bob and Jillian too. So lets support and challenge each other to succeed in our goals.

God Bless!!

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