Friday, June 3, 2011

Proud momma

So to start an update on me. I have been experiencing odd symptoms lately, which were increasingly worrying me. The biggest of which was pain in my me don't google it, it will keep you up at night. I made an appointment for my Dr. that is on Monday. In the mean time I decided to see a chiropractor for my increasing back pain. I was getting pains all down my arm and my wrist even ached sometimes.

I was quite nervous about going to a chiropractor, but I have lots of friends who use one on a regular basis. I got one suggested to me so I made the appt. and went. He was super nice, listened to me and took all of my concerns seriously. He never once blew me off which I often feel I am brushed off by my Dr. He felt my back and immediately said that it felt like the soft tissue around my joints was swollen. He also said that with the family history of degenerative disc disease that it wasn't surprising. Apparently, they are finding some people have sensitivities to certain foods that can cause swelling. They have been able to lessen the severity of Degenerative disc disease with regular adjustments and a diet change.

I was then put into relax mode and then he came in and did the first adjustment. I walked out of there not totally sold yet, but we'll see. well the next day I realized something. For the first time in months I don't have that rib pain. I went in again on Thursday and told him that and he said to him it made perfect sense. The vertebrae in between my shoulder blades are so locked they feel almost fused to him. It feels really good when it "pops" them but it's hard for him to do. He says the diaghram attaches to those and so does, therefore, the small intestine...hmmm there may be something to that.

So for now I am a heavy water drinker and I am changing my diet. I am doing a less extreme version of the suggested diet, but I will cut out all grains and most sugar. I say most because I need my morning cup of Joe and can't drink it black. Soda's are out too. Hopefully I will start feeling more energy and less old.

Onto happier themes. Last week we had open house. I wanted to share two pieces from my girls. The first is Alina. Mrs. Wilson interviewed all the kindergartners and typed in narrative form their here is Alina's:

When I Grow Up...

When I grow up I will be 50 years old. I don't know how tall I'll be that's a tough one! I might go to college, but when I grow up I want to be a mom. I will be married to Monte. We will have 100 kids. I maybe won't have any pets because I don't want to spend too much time with pets when I'm a mom. I don't know what Monte will do. He likes superheroes, but that would be silly for a job! When we get married we will live in a hotel because I like hotels. there might be some strangers there but there will have to be room for all my kids.

I was told this was a testament to me as a mom that it is her ultimate goal. I guess I must be doing something right.

I also wanted to share a poem written by Izabella


I love seeing on paper how my girls think. Well we are about to embark on another summer. I enter it with mixed emotions. hopefully my energy level will increase and I can keep up with three energy balls.

until next time....

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