Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crazy lady in the Parking lot

Nope I am not talking about someone else...I am talking about me. Yesterday was quite a day. It was open house and our PTSA association meeting. I felt like I had a million things to do...but actually made great progress early in the day which was a good thing. Between Relay for life and PTSA I cannot believe how those two things take so much of my thoughts. Well, I had just wrapped up the last flier I needed to make when a little before two the school calls me. Alina was in the office complaining of a headache and she had a 104 temp...OMG. A year ago I would have thought sinus infection, now I think meningitis and must act NOW!!!

I call the Dr. about 5 times because they were on their lunch break and not answering. They finally answered and told me to bring her right in. Now let's take a moment to go back a couple of days. On Saturday, Alina within five minutes of being at the park, fell off the monkey bars. After an evening of her arm swollen and her complaining of pain I called the pediatrician, who tells me better safe than sorry, take her to the ER and get an xray. 5 hours later (midnight) we find out it's not broken but she bruised the bone,so she'll be sore.

Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon. I do not want to sit another five hours in the ER and I don't have the five hours tonight. So I feel it imperative to get to the Dr. while we can. Remember the school is all the way out in Casmalia? Well a truck got in front of the line and he was open bedded towing an open trailer all full of yard waste. And the trailer has a bad wheel so if he drove over 15 mph he started swerving all over the place. So those of us behind him are get pegged by weeds and are getting frustrated at the lazy pace. I have been asked why I didn't pass him. Well there were three cars between me and him and one at a time they passed. By the time it was my turn, it was a double yellow line the whole time. There were many places the driver could have pulled over and graciously let us by, but apparently he wanted this mom's blood to boil over before doing that. I honked and cussed, to no avail. Finally, I rolled down my window, honked and waved my arm to the right. He actually did move over and let me and the five cars behind me by.

I get to the school and grab the girls and drive straight to the Dr.'s office only to find out they've moved and no one told me. I called and got directions and thought surely I could find it. But no...the building had two separate driveways and I chose poorly. I walked all over that building and found law offices, insurance salesman and a restaurant...but no Dr. I called them again and she described the building I was at perfectly. Where were they? I left the drive way and began sobbing. I pulled into another shopping center parked and cried. My kids thought I had lost it and frankly so did I. They got real quiet as you do with the insane because you don't know what they are going to do next.

I called one last time in desperation and she told me that she would stand out front and wave at me. I went in the correct driveway and saw the nurse waving to me...the building wrapped around the corner, but it doesn't look like it does from the outside...weird optical illusion. I have to say I like the new office, but yesterday I HATED it!!!

Turns out Alina had an ear infection and a throat infection. Two days off of school and antibiotics. I drove home, I think I scarfed down some food, grabbed Bela and drove to the school. Once there I had to take several deep breaths and relax. Our meeting went well and it was nice to see what the kids have been working on.

Today, I have meeting to try to get more hours for my son with Tricoutnies. They allot me 15 per month. Thus far we have only used 13 a month. I want more so we can add more physical therapy. The coordinators boss doesn't even know why she is being stingy. Personally, I think she has something against the OT and that is why she wants her cut out. I need to be strong though...I know what my son needs. So this morning I am trying to relax and clear my head...I am saying some prayers for strength and calm.

As I reflect on yesterday a realization hits me. Each one of us has those crazy lady in the parking lot moments. I just wanted some help and felt really alone for those few minutes, and those few minutes felt like forever!! So next time I see a crazy lady in the parking lot I may be More inclined to ask if she needs help. In a world full of people no one should feel alone. these days often times we are too involved in our own inner dialogue to recognize the desperation of others. I think God gives us these moments to help us realize other people have needs too. My goal, help someone feel not as alone.

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  1. wow! What a day! I've had those and today was near to it. mom