Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Starting with a bang

Greetings from the realm of PTSA and school starting. After a summer of listening to bickering I didn't think I would be so mixed in my emotions on the first day of school. I was however,torn. My oldest moved into a new classroom which means entering 3'rd grade. How did I get to be the mom of a third grader...where did the time go?

My Alina is now a first grader and my house is so very quiet. Jasz followed me around the first week constantly calling my name. It reminded me of that clip of Stewie from "Family Guy"...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNkp4QF3we8 That was pretty much my life for three days.

My girls love their school and their teachers and I am excited about this year as PTSA president. I think we have done a lot of planning and it will be a good if busy year.

As far as Jasz goes, we were supposed to have his latest IFSP on the 24'Th but the coordinator failed to show up. I found out later she was "sick and had no way to reach us" and I will keep my personal comments to myself. I did get the opportunity to go over the report with his team though. It has been interesting adding the Physical therapist...I couldn't understand half the words she wrote and I was a pre-vet major. But the Gist is that she couldn't get any reflexes on him either. He doesn't balance well, he can't jump or run and has a 33% delay still. He is also delayed in self care and a little in fine motor.

What was interesting is this particular group only works with children under three so the test they use does not test above three. Well on language (spoken and understood) and cognitive ability, he tested out of their test. Meaning he is above the level of a three year old. the test itself cracked me up because he didn't answer the questions as expected. So they showed him some pictures and asked what was happening in them. The crying baby he said, "She's going to bed." well that week he had fought bedtime every day with tears...so I guess that is why you cry. The picture of the girl clapping he said, "she's praying"...how sweet is that?
The picture of two kids jumping with their arms in the air, "their reaching up to the sky." So cute!! My favorite though was the cute little girl all dolled up and posing for a picture...he asked if he could keep that one...I guess she was cute to him too.

Well one week of school down and many more to come. Stay tuned for some yummy recipes I want to share for some healthy eats.

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  1. Yummy recipes sound good to me!

    Yay for back to school and lol, I totally noticed that your daughter and mine have the exact same pink flower backpack! I totally told my daughter she should pick a solid one but she wanted flowers. Our second choice was the aqua one! :)

    Congrats on being the President this year. That's so awesome! :)