Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Has anyone seen my mind?

Okay so I thought I was doing pretty good and getting organized. Then this week I realized I have forgotten about appointments or thought I had appointments when I didn' annoying.

I spent yesterday calling all the places that have done tests on Jasz in Santa Barbara, so that I can get copies of his results. I told them all I would be there today. I told them that based on an appointment slip I had saying Jasz has an appointment with Dr. Carter on September 7. When I called them they were confused because they had him down for the 15'th.
I said, "I have a slip that says he has an appointment." But just in case I looked I Jasz' folder. Guess what? the appointment was on September 7, 2010...oops!! Had to call everyone back and reschedule pickup for next week.

Unfortunately, the orthatist that is supposed to fit Jasz' braces only comes to SM twice a month and he is coming the same day as Jasz' appt. in Snta Barbara. Hopefully they will give me a late afternoon appt. otherwise I need to figure out how to have my son be in two cities at the same time. That's it we telaporter technology NOW!!!

Oh yes and he is supposed to have Physical Therapy that morning too. Which is a pain because he only gets PT every other week. ARGH!!!!!

Wish this momma luck in negotiating a overly busy next week.

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