Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How do you say Thank-you

How Do you say thank-you
for a gift you didn't know you needed?
How Do you say thank-you
For a gift of endless value?

How Do you say goodbye
to those who have touched your life
How Do you say Goodbye
to something that has become a part of you?

Is a thank-you enough
for the time spent?
Is a thank-you enough
for the tasks accomplished?

Is goodbye necessary
to those such a part of your life?
Is goodbye necessary
or can simply less time suffice?

Today I am sad and I do not know the words
Today I am thankful and words seem not enough
Today I wish for more time
Today I do not wish to say goodbye

The above are the words that have been floating through my head for a week now.  You see we realized that in just four short weeks John II will be 3.  Three is the age when he is no longer able to receive services through the program he has been.  In four weeks we say good bye to Trina, Sherry and Kate.  Though I pray they remain a part of our life the reality is there will be no more weekly visits.

We are going through the process of getting him assessed for the preschool services.  We are not sure if he will qualify and even if he does it,  means a whole new group of people in our lives.  We have spoken with Trina about horseback riding at her family's ranch and she has assured me this can continue past his birthday.  Kate may be providing Physical therapy for private pay after his birthday and all three have repeatedly told me they want my son in their life if I will allow it.

I find myself sad still.  Past experience has taught me a few things...people get busy with their lives and when not compelled to call they don't.  This includes myself.  I find myself at a loss for how to show my appreciation.  Trina was the only one working with my son whose determination and positive attitude carried me through.  She told me my son would walk when Dr.'s had told me otherwise.  Then she made it happen.

Sherry helped my son with his sensory issues.  She took him from eating mostly pureed foods to a reasonable diet.  From using a bottle to drinking out of a cup. Though we still have setbacks, we both believe it is mostly age related more than continued sensory issues, only time will tell.  Sherry was not a positive person in the beginning but having known her longer and better now, I believe that is how she shows concern.  She cared about John's well being and it was her way of pushing for things she felt necessary to be done.

Kate has been the newest member and at this point she is really the only one still needed. She has helped build John's strength even in the 6 months she's been working with him.  Kate instantly became a part of John's life and we hope her skills will still be available to us.

To me thank-you seems insufficient.  How do you thank someone for hope?  How do you thank someone for granting a wish you had been told wasn't possible?  Maybe their thanks is the satisfaction of seeing John today from where he came for me I am at a loss.

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  1. I think you did a good job right here! Prayers are with you always.