Saturday, February 25, 2012

God's Compliment

It seems that life intends to never be dull for this family.  I had a case of the "Why me's" the other day, but pretty quickly realized why me.  I have been endowed with skills and abilities that have prepared me for this journey with our family.  I know I am far from perfect, but I think I'll choose to take trials as a compliment.  It does my heart and body better than griping about them.

So why, you may ask, did I have a case of the Why me's?  Well, Jasz has been referred to the genetics department at Stanford to maybe finally get a for sure diagnosis.  As well as to make sure he is on the right supplement "cocktail".  Frankly, watching my boy over the last month I have no worries for him and am not entirely sure we need this step.  For example, between last Saturday and Tuesday he figured out how to do a perfectly straight and well executed sommersault.  He is getting more and more balance by the day.  Though he still has off days at times, I feel like we all do.

Regardless of his progress though, I am following Dr.'s advice and proceeding with our next step.  In speaking with the genetics department they wanted detailed information about our whole family.  I casually mentioned that Izabella was short, but hormone tests had been done and all appeared normal.  The lady paused then asked, "So, I assume you took her to an endocrinologist and have had a bone scan done, just to rule out anything."  I paused and responded with, "No but our family Dr. seemed unconcerned.  He feels like she'll just be short."  "Well, is there a family history of that?"  "My great-grandmother was short."  She responded with, "That's too far back genetically speaking.  People are taller than they used to be because nutrition is so much better.  If she were my daughter I would take her to see an endocrinologist just to be sure. you see, she is in an important window and you don't want to miss it."

We finished our business around John, scheduled an appointment and hung up.  I then printed out a growth chart and marked Izabella's place on it and realized that she is an entire graph square below the growth chart.  Part of me feels like she has always been below the chart so what's the worry.  The other part of me does not want to ignore it and then find out later it caused problems for her that could have been prevented.  So off to another Dr. we go.

Meanwhile, we had requested Alina have some school testing done because she is having a really hard time focusing in school and some of her more "OCD" behaviors have increased.  We had her SST meeting on Friday and it was recommended we take her to a pediatric neurologist to rule out anything medical.  Good thing we know a good one in our area who knows and cares for our family. 

Overwhelmed and anxious would be the two words that could be used to describe me right now.  I finally felt a sense of peace because Jasz is on an even keel right now.  Perhaps all of this waited and bided it's time so I could more fully devote my time to it.  Do other parents have these kinds of worries too? 

I realize now, I hope they do not.  God has provided every time and we will be okay.  There are other's who do not know God and would be less equipped.  Whose kids might not get the fight my kids will get because their parents don't have the will.  So I guess I will take it as a compliment and trust in my abilities.  Having been given that trust I will proceed forward and find our answers.

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