Monday, March 26, 2012

Jesus Loves You

If only I had the absolute faith my children have.  I just had to share a story that shows the true heart of my little Alina.  She came home from school and said to me, "Do you want to know why I sing Jesus songs on the playground while I swing?"  I of course wanted to know.  "Well, you see...I sing them really loud so all the kids can know that Jesus loves them.  Especially the kids that are mean because they need to know most of all that it's okay, they don't need to be mean because Jesus loves them just like He loves me."

So after I pulled myself together I told her she was absolutely correct.  How easy it is for us adults to forget that Jesus loves EVERYONE!!  He died for all of our sins.  So just because someone is on another side of an issue, doesn't make them less worthy in God's eyes.  Why can my six year old see that more clearly?

I love that God gave me the children He did...I learn something from them every day.

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