Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Bliss

Well, I guess I have been off the Radar as of late...that's what happens when the older two are home full time.  I no longer have a nap time of uninterrupted silence, nor have I suffered the insomnia which gave me the extra time to blog.

The Fanshier house has been blissfully busy.  We began our summer with a bang.  The kids and I spent 10 or so days in San Jose.  I will say for all local peeps, the family membership to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History is the best buy in town.  Not only do you get into the museum and the Ty Warner Aquarium, as well as getting into all planetarium shows for comes with all kinds of reciprocal benefits.  So, we got to see several sights in San Jose...absolutely free.

 The Jungle Started off our excitement and each kiddo found their favorite activity (This was not a reciprocal spot, but it was fun)
 Just Hanging out!!
 We spent a day at the San Jose Tech Museum.  Below the kids are riding the virtual roller coaster they made.
 Ahh the rides at Happy Hallow.  What a perfectly sized park for my three, especially now that they can all ride the rides.. Jasz was hilarious on the Roller Coaster, he just belly laughed the entire time.
Now our summer has been fairly non stop, we've had swim lessons and Vacation Bible school and we threw a wedding in there too. 

We also all were involved with Relay For Life.  Though Originally I started the team in Tom's honor, this year I walked for my sweet friend Wren who is battling Stage IV Colon Cancer.  Her strength and courage make me feel weak and frightened in comparison. 

I suppose this entry is less deep insight and more a touch basis...I just didn't want people to think I've forgotten them.

Oh yes, I almost forgot..I taught myself how to make Jam this summer and spent several of my days cooking up various flavors of the yummy stuff.  I made Strawberry, Orange Marmalade and a Lemon Marmalade.  Good stuff and not as hard as I expected.  And I felt a sense of accomplishment when I was done and could count up my jars.  Sounds silly maybe, but sometimes we can measure success in how we feel.  Have I made millions this summer?  No.  Have I cured a disease?  No...But I have given my children that sense of summer bliss I remember so fondly from my childhood.  The endless days and never knowing the excitement the next day would bring (even if it was just visiting the local orchard.)  It usually meant visiting with at least one relative.  I am glad I can give my children Summer bliss.  Thank-you God!!

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