Friday, November 16, 2012

BevMo Opens in Santa Maria In Style

So I had an experience today that just proves I am much cooler in my mid Thirties than I was on my twenties.  I went to the Grand Opening of BevMo in Santa Maria.  Yep that's right we are moving up in the world.

I dropped my girls off at the bus and went straight over expecting a huge line for their goodie bag, and nope. I was fifth in line.  Right behind the cat carrier someone had left to mark their spot.

My son was such a trooper and clearly bored out of his mind...but mom had made good friends with those people in line with her.  Yep no more introvert for me!!

The morning started off right with beverages provided by Coffee A La Cart.  Yes Bevmo paid for my Mocha this morning (in fact 2 of them).

Mayor Lavagnino joined us for this event teasing about those of us waiting in line for our alcohol.

John cheered up as the line began moving inside as it had started to rain!

Here are the happy employees of BevMo.  They clearly have already created a bond and it's nice to see people happy to be at work.  They even had a morning cheer to get us all amped up!!

Here is the Mayor after cutting the ribbon and the new manager getting his crew jazzed up!!

Here I am at the front with my mocha getting ready for my goodie bag.

So what was in it:

Quite a nice bag and a new beverage for me to try.

It was nice to be a part of something in the community.  I love that I didn't know the people in line with me, but we made fast friends.  It's nice to see businesses coming to Santa Maria.

So you may have missed the goodie bags but check out Bevmo located between Trader Joe's and Costco.  They are having a whole grand opening celebration this weekend, with products, vendors and samples. 

Just to note I was not asked to blog about this I just chose to and my opinions are my own. 

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