Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zevia Review

Recently I was selected to be a Mom Ambasador for MomsMeet.  This will allow my MOPs group to try various products and give the company our feedback.

My very first product review is for Zevia no calorie soda.

I was excited to try this one as we are avoiding sugar and certainly don't want artificial sweeteners.    We don't have soda too much but every once in a while we crave one or the kids ask for one.  I'd much rather give them a soda with more natural products, no coloring and sweetened with Stevia.
Stevia, unlike artificial sweeteners is simply a plant that has a sweet taste.  Evidence is showing that it may also aid in insulin reactions thus making it a good substitute for sugar.  Click here to see Marks Daily Apple

Mark Sesson wrote the book The Primal Blueprint which we are trying to follow.  He does a lot of research on subjects related to food and health and link above is what he found on Stevia.

So back to Zevia.

This past Monday my MOPs group got to put our taste buds to the test.  The results were mixed.  The fruit flavors taste like carbonated water with fruity overtones as opposed to a soda.  However, the cola and cherry cola flavored varieties reminded me of one of my favorite soda's.  A couple of the kids tried it and they seemed to enjoy them, which means this may be a way for parents to give their kids a once-in-a-while treat without completely rotting their teeth or filling them with artificial coloring or sweeteners.

The soda is not available everywhere just yet but here is their website so you can find where to buy them in your town.

As part of this program I was provided the product, recipes and health information but was in no other way compensated for my review.  The views on here are my own.

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