Monday, February 17, 2014

Scary Moments

There are those times when you truly have to trust your mother's intuition.  When your brain says, "everything is fine stop worrying," but your heart says, "This is the moment to worry!"
Most of the time I do feel I worry too much.  Is it because I feel the weight of three innocent lives somehow entrusted to me?  Maybe it's that feeling you get when your little one is sick, that foreboding, that dread?  Or maybe it's because I just tend to be an anxious person.  So for me knowing where the line is, where to say "Here, here is the moment it is ok to worry," and when to do my deep breathing exercises because I am obviously having another irrational moment,  is not very clear much of the time.

Part of my problem is when Jasz was not walking yet and instead he was scooting, I had plenty of voices telling me to worry, including my own, but our Dr. was not concerned.  I let that voice speak louder than mine.  Same with his assessment of Alina.  nothing major wrong, just a little OCD and she'll grow out of it.   Turns out both those insights were wrong and that nagging voice in my heart was very very right.  So then I  swung the other way.

That resulted in a couple of ER trips and thousands of dollars to be told, "she has a virus, nothing we can do, go home."  I had been certain there was something major wrong...I mean she had a temp of 103 for 5 days and Tylenol wasn't bringing it down.  The response was that I hadn't been giving enough Tylenol.

So what's a mom to do?  Well this mom has taken control over our health as much as I can and armed myself with powerful tools.  Instead of sitting idly by while my daughter starved before my eyes I found alternatives to such medication.  The first step has been diet change.  This significantly improved our families health.  Gluten and dye removal has been pretty effective at removing the need for ADD meds.  Some Dr.'s will say there isn't research to back it up, some say  there are studies that do so you really have to make the decisions with your intuition.  In the end I decided it certainly wouldn't hurt them and just  might help.  I'll tell you I know for sure we will have a spiral out tantrum if we have a red lollypop or M&M' we choose not to and my kids know why.   My first step in this was to have frank and concrete conversations with my kids so they would be on board.  All three jumped on board without hesitation.  Now they say there are things they miss, but the consequences to them are not worth it.  You see added  bonus we've noticed an improvement in gut function as well.  I also have to add I was paid a compliment by Bella's teacher. She told me there were a couple other kids in her class with food allergies who were embarrassed to be different and so wouldn't ask if a snack contained wheat.  She told me that whatever I said empowered her and she owned her food choices, she was being a model for others.

My next powerful tool I added to my arsenal was Young Living Essential oils.  These are high quality therapeutic grade oils.  The breadth of their use spans centuries and everyone of us can benefit from them.   I have been using lavender and peppermint to combat allergies.  Stinky dog?  Purification to the rescue.  Restless night?  Peace and calming and Lavender.  Stomach bug?  Peppermint.  Colds and Flus?  Thieves.

I could go on, but I am trying to keep my post down in size.  I can and will do a whole post on Epilepsy and ADD and oils...but today I want to talk about this past weekend.

You see in my research for epilepsy and oils I found there are oils that should not be used on epileptics, two of them are in the Thieves blend.  A single drop of thieves stopped this cold/flu in its tracks for Bella and me.  Literally went to bed feeling yucky woke up and felt totally healthy.  I gave us each a drop a couple more days for good measure but that is it.  But I could not use this blend on my son.  Oh I have since learned there are other powerful immunity boosting oils that I can use, but I had none of them in my possession.  So I watched with that feeling of helplessness as my sons head cold became something much more ominous.  The fever spiked, the cough sounded like it was something to worry about.  The first night I fought with myself because we've been here before and spent so much money to be told it's nothing.  But Saturday my heart was telling me it was something and if I let it go it might be something we couldn't come back from.

Jasz using his nebulizer...he is a pro now
I was right.  I took my wheezing, weak, limping son to urgent care to find out he has pneumonia.  Thus began a weekend of antibiotics, breathing treatments round the clock and looming hospital admission hanging over our heads.  We are now the proud owners of our very own nebulizer.  I came out of this with three lessons.  1.  Always trust your intuition, God gave it to us for a reason.  2.  Modern Medicine can be life saving and it has it's place; and 3...never be caught off guard again.  I will have on hand the oils my babies need because this is the healthiest cold flu season we have ever had and Jasz still ended up with pneumonia.  I firmly believed I could have kept it from getting so bad if I had the right tools at my disposal.

I am off to love on my kiddos but I leave you with this:  Never let anyone shame you into doubting yourself.

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