Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Full Circle

I know it's been a long time since I have written, I guess you could call it writers block,   Today has been a much anticipated day but one of mixed emotion.    You see my youngest started school today.  Yep I am that much closer to being an empty nester.  Oh I know that seems like I am jumping the gun, but when I think of how fast these past  6 years have gone by, I don't think I am far from  the mark. 

You see John II was born when Izabella was in Kindergarten.  Look at this picture.
See they are just went by in a blink.  The saying, "the days are long but the years fly by,"  is not wrong!!

Many know John II turning 5 was hard for me.  Maybe its because I got to keep him in a baby like state for longer than most kids.  Maybe it's because when you are a mom who goes through hours and hours of therapy with your child a bond is formed stronger than anything you can imagine.  Maybe it's because John II came to us on the heals of losing a pregnancy and so our appreciation of his life was increased.  Or maybe it's just normal mommy uncertainty of who am I when they are in school.  Whatever the case, my son may have started off doing some things a little slower than the pack, but he sure has made up for it.  Teaching himself to read at 4 was a little much for me...but losing teeth before even entering kinder was the straw.

So, while my son was excited to go to school today, and I am excited for him, I also have other emotions flowing through me.  The unexpected tears as he marched off with the rest of his class was just the start of a day reminiscing. 

All day I have been expecting to hear him ask for something, or calling to me so he can show me his latest art piece.  But I am excited for him to tell me how school was!

I think part of my emotions is not just for my youngest, but for my oldest.  She starts Jr. High today...what!?! Did I just type that?  Yep!  Jr. High starts in 6'th grade at our school.  Wasn't I just holding my little 5 pound baby?  Now she is a fashionista.  She made breakfast this morning for everyone...where did my babies go?

I can't leave Alina out...after so many struggles we are excited for a year of progress for her.  As she said nervous/excited!!
So I wondered what I would fill my days with and immediately took to filling them.  I will be working for stericycle still.  I am also going to begin my career as a substitute teacher.  I will continue my role as a Young Living distributor .  I am PTSA president.  And I am in school again.  Just taking a class so I can be a better substitute teacher and it turns out a better mom (yep it will help me for both).  So here is the full circle.  My oldests' kinder teacher is now my teacher. 
Here is to a year of new adventures, exciting changes and lots of learning!!

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