Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Seeing things through a child's eyes

So today I had a stop and think moment. Typically Jasz' Pt and OT appointments have been in the afternoon. We've gotten a few in during the morning but it's mostly afternoon. This is not Jasz' ideal time. He's tired even though he's had a nap. The afternoon is usually full of hectic chaos whereas our mornings are much more laid like Izabella, Jasz is a morning person....don't know where that comes from because I certainly am not one.

To explain what I am talking about today I need to go back in time a little. A couple of weeks ago I realized that although Jasz can not walk to the play structures on the playground he can now climb and may be able to enjoy the small park by us. So I experimented one morning and took him there. He LOVED it!!! he climbed the steps and scooted to the slide and slid down...perfectly balanced. It was a thrill for him. I think starting towards the end of last week Jasz started being on the hunt for parks. Whenever he spotted a slide or swings he would squeal with excitement and point hoping I would bring him there. When I can I do, but time has been limited lately. On Sunday we set out to go to a friends sons birthday party. They live close enough to walk to. As we left our house we walked in the direction of the park (which is between us and their house). Oh my!! Jasz was yammering up a storm and pointing and giggling..and then we went through the park and out the other side. Oh was our poor boy upset!!!

Then this morning I took him and Hannah out for a walk and went through the park again. I fully intended to stop...but the equipment was soaked. So as soon as we got home I called the OT and the PT and asked if we could do this afternoon's session at the park. They both thought it was a great idea. I would say so...he did AWESOME!!! not only did he work hard but he LOVED every minute of it!!! It really brings home the point that I need to see things through his eyes!!

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