Thursday, September 30, 2010

Leaving self doubts behind

A lot has happened since I last wrote. Chiefly Jasz has made improvements by leaps and bounds. About a week and a half ago he decided there was no fear and began using whatever he could get his hands on to stand up on. Then he would dare himself to let go and cross the room. It started with short trips but quickly became long journeys across the room and down the hall. He would self-correct to prevent falling.

This has been such a joy to watch and he is so clearly proud of himself. This past weekend we decided to go on a new adventure and attend the Arroyo Grande Harvest Festival. It would have been great had it not been 105 degrees outside. We lasted about an hour than John and I were too hot. I think the girls were able to ignore the heat a little but Jasz started screaming bloody murder. Once we got to the car Jasz held his foot up to me and said, "hot hot, ow ow!!” So I took his shoes off and he gave a sigh of relief. I realized that my leather sandals heated up and were burning my feet from the top down, so his leather shoes must have been burning his feet too. Poor thing. We all went home and jumped in our unheated pool. It felt so good. Now it’s a seasonal pool and we put it up at the beginning of summer. This summer was not exactly warm so we kept debating on taking it down. John had to work the weekend we had planned on taking it down, so it was still up…thank goodness. It was quite a relief.

We continued through our weekend. On Sunday I took Izabella and Alina to Montecito for some much needed mother daughter time. We went to watch an artist showcase to try to find a good performer for their school. It was a nice bonding time. And I think should the price be right I found the one for our school.

Monday proved to be even hotter and after getting the girls from school I decided that Dance was out of the question for Bella. It was way too hot and the building is not air conditioned. We went home and got ready to go in the pool. AS we were getting dressed Jasz just stood up in the middle of the room. Now there is no stopping him. He can stand where ever. Yesterday we went to Target and he walked his way through the store for the first time. He drank through a straw for the first time too and ate pizza...all firsts!!

So Jasz has proven to me these last couple of weeks that there is no holding him back. He will exceed all my expectations. And as I see that I need to take the time to look at my other two children. We had parent/teacher conferences last week. There I learned that Izabella is doing really well (when she wants to that is). She reads above her level but has some issues with math…this we already knew. Alina however I worry that I made a horrible parenting decision. She has problems with her fine motor skills showing that she may not have been ready physically to go the school. She is definitely ready emotionally and she is EAGER to learn. So her teacher feels she will be able to improve just fine. I always worry that I might make a decision for my kids that will affect them negatively with long term consequences. I must have faith that their own desires and passions will take over and give them success. I will end with a quote from a book called 108 adages of wisdom by Master Sheng-Yen… "As long as we still have breath, we have boundless hope, and the breath we have is the greatest wealth."


  1. I love reading these insights into your family Becky--I don't feel so far away. By the way, Brian and I saw the video of Jasz walking!! We were both so happy to see it. There has been so much progress in such a short time.

  2. Thanks Ida. That is why I decided to write this blog...we have so many people we care about and who care about us and I think our lives can be interesting. Sometimes the cute day to day stuff is missed in a phone conversation when they only happen once in a while. (Although sometimes I let people into my crazy mind in my blog)So glad you saw the should be proud God Parents. Love to you both!!