Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thoughtful Moments

This past weekend we had a guest over for Sunday dinner. Our Guest was Lisa, an Au Pair who stayed with our family for a couple of weeks back in February. She has now headed back to Germany and will be missed by all of us. I wanted the house to be at least a little clean so I did a few things before she came. One of those was to vacuum. Both Izabella and Alina wanted a turn vacuuming. The girls both enjoy helping. It used to be that when they vacuumed the actual suction portion of the vacuum was off the ground...therefore not really doing anything. I watched and marveled at how well Bella was doing now. My mind flashed back to a video I took of Izabella vacuuming the apartment we rented for short while when between houses. I pictured it clearly in my mind and realized that she was 18 months when that video was taken. I got a little sad when I realized that. Jasz is now almost 19 months and there is no way he could push and pull that vacuum. I say only a little sad because I know he will get will just take time and he is making progress every day.

On Monday I had the pleasure of taking both Hannah and Jasz to the Children's Discovery Museum. We stayed in the under three zone. Jasz is almost exactly 10 months older than his cousin Hannah. In the 0-3 section they have it set up like tidal zones. With tunnels and sea creatures. really cute and it's carpeted nicely and no shoes are allowed. Hannah and Jasz were so cute together. For about the first 30 minutes Hannah sat and watched Jasz....huge smile on her face. And Jasz explored everything. There is a structure in the middle of the area made of foam and covered in a vinyl type "fabric". It is in a pyramid but the top is a step down that they can sit in and play with soft blocks. Each side of the pyramid has a different landscape. So one is a straight slope, one is a wavy slope, one is small steps and one is larger steps. Jasz began focusing on that and standing up on it, climbing the different facings etc... After a little while Hannah joined him there and she too began trying to climb. She isn't quite as sure on her feet so though she picked up her feet wanting to climb she couldn't quite bring herself to try the steps up.

Soon Jasz wanted to try the tunnels and we began a game of "hide-and-seek" baby style. Jasz was laughing so hard that Hannah couldn't help but want to join in. So there were the three of us crawling through the tunnels chasing each other and babies laughing. It was so cute and fun!!!

When Janine came to get Hannah I told her that Jasz and Hannah were not too far apart gross motor wise. Of course she reassured that he was making progress every day. But as I thought about it I realized that it's definitely ok. As I will be taking care of Hannah 5 days a week, it's nice that they can sort of play on the same level. Think about it. Normally a nineteen month old would be running. That means sort of running over the 9 month old. So not that I am happy my son is delayed, but it does make it fun to watch the two of them together.

Yesterday I went to a Dr.'s appointment for me. I haven't been feeling myself I thought better safe than sorry. i was told that all of the symptoms I was describing are symptoms of breast feeding. He said most women get some symptoms but I had quite a few. He suggested I should consider weaning Jasz so as to regain my mental health. I told him I would wait for that decision until I could speak with his Dr.'s about it. Of course a week or 2 ago I though Jasz was trying to wean himself. He would barely nurse at all and not really latch on that long. But this week he seems to have a resurgence of interest. I know if I have to chose between my comfort and my son's best interest he wins every time. So we shall see. Hopefully soon we will get some feedback on the latest test results and until then I am trying to not think about it...I don't want to drive myself crazy after's not a long trip!!

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  1. Museum sounds like it was lots of fun! :) Regarding breast feeding, hey, your mental health is essential, not a comfort. ;) You are such a great mom and I know you will make the best decision for all at just the right time. Let's plan a time to meet up, even if it's half way. Maybe the beach so the kids can play in the sand. Leila and Nicolas love babies and she won't run all over the beach...she likes to sit and play in the sand and stuff. Would be a good fit. xoxo