Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So it's been awhile since you've heard from me. Since the girls went on Spring break it has been non stop for this momma. So lets give a quick update.
After spending Easter in San Jose, which was lovely though emotional, we returned to our regularly scheduled programing of school and activities except this mom left mid week and traveled down to Lon Beach. Why you ask? Well for PTA of course. I was fortunate enough to be selected as a delegate from our district and boy am I glad I was. I learned a lot about what PTA is and what it's not and what my role as President will be next year. Yep you heard right, this person who dreads public speaking more than just about anything is going to be president next year. But I am excited and I feel more prepared now than I thought I would. I got to hear a lot of inspiring speakers including the first ever PE teacher selected as CA teacher of the year. We got to see all the reflections winners and now I see why it's such a passion for so many...we have some talented and creative kids!!

So coming back from that experience I had to jump right into planning party mode. My lovely oldest made her First Communion that following Satruday. It was lovely, though performed by a priest we'd never met, he did a good job of making the mass be about the kids and speaking ot them at their level. they even got to kneel around the Altar during the Eucharistic prayer. The next day Bella was excited to go to church because, "I get to recieve Holy Eucharist with you guys!" Dad and mom were quite proud and she looked beautiful in her dress made with love by Nana. I posted a picture so you can see how beautiful the moment was for us.

The following week our oldest also turned 8. As one friend put it "your kids are now reaching milestones in their did that happen?" I don't know it really does go by too fast.

At our last assesment of Jasz Dr. Carter requested that he recieve physical therapy as well as occupational therapy. It took us a while to determine if her prescription really meant that or not but yes it does. so we are adding a new therapist to Jasz' calander and her name is Kate. The only problem is the hours. I am a little bit in advocate mode. The Coordinator for our case wants to cut the Ocupational therapist out in order to add her but legally we can go up to 15 hours a month without needing special approval. So why the issue. i have a meeting next week to push for keeping our OT and getting PT. Now some may be asking why I would push for this as I was not a huge Sherry fan in the beginning. well she's grown on me, and on Jasz. She has gotten comfortable and because of that they work well together now and she has helped us through many hurdles. The most recent is like a miracle to me. She suggested two things for getting Jasz to try more meats and veges (like any at all). 1. get the green machine juice and 2. use the vibrating tooth brush like I told you to at the beginning. Well I have been diligently doing both for about a week and a half. Guess what? This week he has eaten what has been served to him for dinner all but one night...and it was not procesed meat. It was chicken I roasted!! and he ate vegetables...Edemame and Corn. WOOHOO!!! break through. And he loved that we were so proud of him...hopefully the trend continues. So next week I have my dreaded meeting and I am praying for strength and confidence.

Thanks for all the positive vibes and keep them coming they truly do help!!

God Bless


  1. So many great big milestones! I love the picture...Bella looks like an angel on earth :)

    Out of curiosity, what does a vibrating toothbrush have to do with eating meats and veggies? I'm sure there's a good it just about getting used to new sensations (and therefore textures)?

  2. Michelle, The toothbrush is supposed to get him used to other sensations in his mouth. it really does seem to be helping. I mean literally this week is the first time he's eaten a single vege since we got off of puree's. I am very excited!!