Monday, October 31, 2011

God's Grace

This past weekend I had the joy of watching one of my best friends get married. This involved a plane ride that I was petrified of. This past weekend was as much about God showing me grace as it was about visiting a longtime friend. You see, I was almost in tears as the plane accelerated down the runway. I would say I was absolutely terrified. I prayed the Our Father…many times. Then suddenly the most miraculous thing happened. I felt a true sense of peace. God lifted my vale of fear and I was able to enjoy this trip taken 36,000 miles in the air.

I enjoyed the scenery and God’s creations. It was amazing to fly over the ocean and then the expanse of desert. Next came the red sand of Zion National park. The national treasure of the Grand Canyon looks so small and large all at once from that elevation. It is amazing that it is followed by the peaks of the Rockies. The Rockies were covered with snow from the storm that had hit Colorado 3 days earlier. It was so gorgeous to see the snowcapped mountains so close.

Walking out and seeing snow still laying piled on the side of the roads and lightly coating rooftops is a site we don’t get here in California. The graces God showed me did not stop there . I had the pleasure of meeting other people who have been a part of my good friend’s life all these years. People I have heard about but have never met.

The faith and goodness of these women surrounded this whole weekend. From the rides I was given, to the place to stay and meals, to the spontaneous prayer session we had on Saturday night. The love all in attendance poured on the new couple was palpable and beautiful to witness!!

On top of all of this I had the super fun experience of re-learning to square dance. I didn’t realize that it could be so fun. Plus it is good exercise!! I hadn’t square danced since the 6’th grade…it was much less awkward this time around.

So thanks for all the prayers…God is good ALL THE TIME!!!

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