Monday, November 1, 2010


So this year Alina chose our family costume theme. She wanted to have all of us be in the Bob the Builder theme. Originally she wanted to be Lofty and all the rest of us to be the vehicles as well. John and I said asked if she would be ok with us being Bob and Wendy. She was. then not knowing how we were going to make lofty let alone any of the other vehicles we asked her if Jasz could be scrufty. She agreed.

Then over the last few months Alina had been trying to get out of Bella who she was going to be. Bella kept changing her mind. She finally asked if she could be Daphne from Scooby Doo instead. I reminded her how when she wanted to be the Star Wars family we all went along...shouldn't she do the same for her sister? She looked a little shamed at that question.

A few days later she says as we a re driving just she and I, "you know mom there are other things in Bob the Builder besides vehicles. There are bushes...I could be a bush!!" "Yes you are correct," I responded. She continued, "I could be a board too!!" "This is all true, Izabella." After a moment of silence she says, "well then I want to be Pilchard the cat." I thought it was a great idea. We still hadf yet to figure out how to make Lofty. Although we had visions fo cardboard boxes strapped to Alina.

One day John was day dreaming and came up with an idea. We could have Alina be a little Bob riding in Lofty. And make our Radio Flyer into Lofty. I thought it was a great idea. So we went on the hunt. I took a Saturday and tried to find Cream sweat hooded sweat suit for Jasz to make a scrufty costume out of, and a periwinkle suit Bella's size to make a Pilchard. I never did find one for Jasz. So I took his old cold weather suit that is really fluffy. I twas too small so I cut the feet of and hemmed the legs. used brown felt to make spots, ears and a tail and boom scrufty. I was very proud as it was my first ever sewing machine project.

My second one was harder. It was very difficult to find a periwinkle sweat suit for Bella. I never found a hooded on, so I used one I found that had a kitty on the front. I turned it inside out so it would look fuzzy. I then bought a cheapy blue shirt and cut it into strips. I sewed these along the back and arms. I made a tail out of a trouser sock. And made cute paws out of another pair of socks. Then I made felt ears and attached them to a periwinkle headband I found. It turned out really cute and she loved it.

Lofty was good too although he got damaged in trying to transport him to Arroyo Grande. Unfortunately we have no good family pictures because there was a spot on the lens we didn't know about and it blocked our faces and distorted the light...arghh!!! We do have a couple of individual pics of the kids but not of Jasz.

He ended up being really grumpy. We didn't realize he was getting sick, plus he missed his nap. He spent the whole time crying either in my arms or laying on the ground. Later that night after dinner I took the girls Trick-or-treating while the 2 John's stayed home. Jasz went to bed early. Alina got soooo many compliments. People got a kick out of this little girl dressed up as a construction worker. The LOVED it!!! They also loved Izabella as a cat. No one really thought of Bob the Builder when they saw them without Lofty, but I think because they were home made costumes they won points.

It was a fun night. Above are some pictures that came out good.

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