Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Short and sweet

The title says it this entry will be short as I am not feeling well. After a week of nursing Jasz through the flu and having Alina and Izabella come down with it too, I have succumb. I understand now how Alina would be fine one day and then be sick the next. I felt horrible Sunday, but ok yesterday until last night. Then the crud hit again.

What's funny is I think kids just don't know what to do when mom or dad are not feeling well. I spent a lot of Sunday in bed. John had to chase the kids out of our room a couple of times. On one occasion they listened to the letter of the law but not the spirit. They left our room as dad had asked. But then the three of them made camp literally outside my door. They even began talking under the door through the crack...just to see if I would respond. Part of me was frustrated, part of me was touched and part of me was also amused.

Well I made it through the PTSA meeting yesterday and then my body gave in once again. I feel horrible, but hopefully it's temporary...moms don't have time to be sick. But I literally feel non functional. If you ask my family they will likely agree that mommy is not doing her job!!

Well, here's to forced time-outs...may my body return to normal soon!!

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