Friday, November 26, 2010

The importance of Communication

Oh my goodness my kids crack me up. Their humor makes up for all the frustrating times. Tonight was no exception. To get to tonight's story I must give some background.

A few days ago Alina came home from school saying she was going to marry a boy named Erik. Well Erik isn't in her classroom which means he is at least in 3'rd grade. I have ever since then been trying to get complete information from my daughter regarding how this transpired. I mean is there really a 3'rd grader interested in a kindergartner or did Alina just pick him out of a hat and decide he was going to marry her.

Then yesterday we spent the day making it about the kids. One moment we were just sitting around the table and I asked Izabella what she was going to be when she grows up. She says, "a Mom, but I'm only having once gets too noisy if you have more than that." Well there is truth to that statement. Alina pipes up with "I am going to have a lot of kids and animals on my farm. I'll have 20 million baby and grown-up cows, 30 million, baby and grown-up sheep, and 20 million baby and grown up dogs." Izabella did not like the idea of that many dogs as they would jump on her so she told Alina she would not visit her farm. Alina with her very sweet, sing-song voice, that just wreaks of "there will be consequences if you do not do as I say",says, "Yes you will."

Fast forward to earlier today where Alina elaborates that she will have 100 children. Maybe by then Medical science will be advanced enough to do that...but why? (I guess maybe she realizes she would need that many children to help on her overcrowded farm) I tried to explain that it's not a good idea but there was no reasoning with Alina she is determined to have 100 children.

Tonight at dinner Alina brought up Erik again. I tried to get out of her how this marriage thing occurred. I said, "Did you ask Erik to marry you?" she told me that Bridget wanted to marry him but she told Bridget she was going to marry him...ahh the battles begin already. So thinking I would deter this questionable union I asked her, "Alina, does Erik know you want 100 children?" She says in a sweet, innocent voice, "well, since I didn't tell him probably not." John and I chuckled at that. Then ALina said the best thing ever, "Well, I'm not going to tell him yet, but after I have 100 kids...then he'll know." My typing it out does not do justice to Alina's tone of voice. I just about had mashed potatoes coming out of my nose.

Later towards the end of dinner I overhear a conversation between John and the girls. Some how the topic of age came up and John said he was older than his kids. Bella pipes up with, "You're upposed to" And Alina copied her sister. so John says, "I am not opposed to it, I should be older than my kids." Alina says, "No your uppose to." So John says "Alina I'm not opposed to it why do you keep saying I am." She says, "I didn't say opposed to I said upposed to" Mind you both sounded exactly the same but to Alina there was a clear difference. A little bit of Pa channeling through.

I hope you laugh as hard as we did.

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  1. "I guess maybe she realizes she would need that many children to help on her overcrowded farm" - LOL! I love what kids come up with :)